Hi, I’m Claire

But what do you really need to know about me?

I love beautiful things
Whether it’s the beauty of animals and landscapes in nature, creative artworks or great design in our everyday lives, beauty draws people in. I love seeing amazing businesses with branding which raises them higher, so they get the recognition they deserve.

My children made me do it
I started Voyant Design when my children were young, stepping away from employed life so I could spend time with my boys and be in control. My focus is building my own success by helping other businesses succeed, my own commercial background has supported that.

It’s not just me
While I’m the designer, there are other people around me who make sure you get everything you need – whether that’s a website, printed materials, a marketing strategy, or more. Everyone I work with is trusted, professional and skilled in their field.

At Voyant Design, we have over 25-years’ experience working with businesses like yours to create designs which support business growth and look ahead to the future.

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Psychology-led design for your growing business

What does that really mean for you?

Our work is grounded in psychology, an understanding of how the mind reacts to the world and external stimuli, these principles affect our work in a number of ways.

Let’s talk about colour

Colours inform your conscious and sub-conscious, inspiring emotive reactions, and subliminal associations you might not even recognise. The colours in your logo and brand kit will provoke reactions, so let’s make sure they are the right ones. We’ll work with you to understand how you want your business to be perceived and will create the right colour palette to create the impact you want.

You can read more about the psychological impact of colour here.

Let’s talk about fonts

How important is your font? Deciding the right font for your business isn’t just about finding something that looks pretty or that will stand out on your marketing. Like with colours, there are emotions, thoughts and feelings which are subconsciously triggered by different font styles. Is your brand serious, smart, proactive or fun, approachable or laid-back? By understanding these motivators and the needs of your business, we can find the right font for you.

You can read more about the psychological impact of fonts here.

Let’s talk about your audience

When it comes to imagery and design, did you know that women and men see things differently? The way our brains process is different, affecting how we detect and translate colours and details within design. Understanding who you are reaching out to, we’ll use these principles to create branding which attracts your target demographic.

You can read more about female vs male marketing principles here.

So, how can we help you? You can find out more about our services, here.

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Invest in your future, invest in your brand

Why choose Voyant Design

Because we can help you establish your brand with a focused message and consistant design strategy which ensures you are building future success. We are:


Creativity is at the heart of our work, providing new ideas and designs which are focused on your needs.


Providing exceptional customer service, we’ll respond to you promptly and prioritise great communication.

Value driven

We provide industry-leading, high-quality designs at a realistic price with no hidden extras, this is an investment you won’t regret.


In over 20-years’ experience we’ve gained extensive knowledge and insights so we can support you through each step of your project.

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