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About this project

Ant Farm Supplies is a small business selling 3D printed products to the Ant Keeping community. They approached us to help them with their branding and to design and build an e-commerce website.


Logo design

Various different concepts were explored to create a brand that works well across all platforms including web, social media and print. The graphic of the ant is instantly recognisable and can be used as a stand alone icon on social media. The business has a strong following on Facebook and Instagram where profile pictures are generally very small, particularly on Instagram.

The fonts chosen are a combination of a friendly and approachable rounded font and a more professional modern font. The colours chosen suit the industry and the logo works well on a white background or in white against a dark background. It also needed to be simple enough to be 3D printed on the products themselves.


E-commerce web design and development

The main focus of this project was to create a professional e-commerce website to sell ant farming products to their customers, both in the UK and internationally. As the business is growing more products are being added to the site along with the sale of live ants. The website is set up so the customer can add the products themselves and adjust prices, shipping costs and stock levels. The website is fully responsive across all devices. Click here to view the site and get started on your ant farming hobby!


Printed materials

Various different cards have been designed to promote different offers and incentives, together with business cards and instruction leaflets for assembling different products


Exhibition display

As the business has grown and become well known in the industry Ant Farm Supplies have been asked to attend various exhibitions and shows. Roller banners have been designed and produced along with promotional leaflets and hand outs.