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About this project

Michelle is a registered homeopath based in Northamptonshire. She is exceptionally knowlegeable and professional and treats the ‘whole person’ rather than just one specific problem.



We worked through various concepts and ideas for Michelle’s branding before agreeing on the final logo you see here. It represents the ‘ying and yang’ of her business and conveys the feeling of how she encompasses and treats the whole person and takes the time to understand all aspects and history of each individual before using her skill and knowledge to treat them.

The colours are calming and the tones of the colours are modern and fresh. The greens create the obvious link to nature and the herbs used in homeopathy, whilst the blues create a feeling of trust and professionalism. The fonts were carefully chosen to represent the balance between the tradition and history of homeopathy and the modern and professional yet friendly approach Michelle takes.



We created a website for Michelle that represented the calm, professional nature of the business and highlights her expertise and knowledge whilst conveying her sense of relaxation and tranquility she brings to her consultations. Click here to view the site www.michelleriches.uk


Design for print

Business cards have been designed and printed along with various leaflets and information cards for Michelle to leave with her customers. A letterhead was designed and a word template created for Michelle to use to create invoices or any other correspondence she needs.


Other collateral

We’ve designed and produced roller banners and table cloths for Michelle to use at exhibitions and shows.