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About this project


We have worked with Shelley and her husband Christian at Harbour 32 for around 6-7 years and have formed a fantastic strategic partnership.

Shelley is a brand strategist teaching subject matter experts to transform their expertise into a momentum-building brand machine. She recently launched her new brand ‘Shelley Rostlund’ and wanted to create a personal brand for the business.



We worked closely with Shelley to create her new branding using a completely hand crafted signature. The style is very unique to Shelley and represents her personality and creativity – she is creative by nature and orderly by execution. We created her signature to accurately reflects her brand personality archetypes of ‘magician, creator and leader’.

Once the final branding was agreed we developed a family of icons and a full colour palette including a primary colour palette, a supplementary palette and an additional palette of lighter shades to use in backgrounds where appropriate.


Brand guidelines

A full set of brand guidelines was created specifying the full colour breakdowns and brand fonts and typography – specifying heading fonts, paragraph fonts and highlight/script fonts. Minimum sizes, clear zones and logo usage are also specified within the document.



And then we came to the website….! Working closely with Shelley we designed a site that truly reflects her unique drive and personality. Using the strong, bright colours from her colour palette combined with creative brush strokes and backgrounds (not a straight line to be seen anywhere!) the website is a testament to her knowledge, skill and unique style. Have a look for yourself: