What Font are you Dressed in Today?

Fonts are like clothes. The clothes that people wear tell us who they are and what they want to be that day. So what font should we wear?

The words at the top of this image are dressed in Didot – a typeface developed at the turn of the 19th century and used in fashion magazines such as Vogue & Harpers Bazaar. We associate it with style, femininty and fashion. This is your Little Black Dress of the font world.

The second font is dressed in Aesthetique – inspired by the highly ornate lettering of the victorian era. When you read something in this font you will be expecting it to be entertaining and theatrical.

And then at the bottom we have Times New Roman – this is the interview suit of the type world, created by the times newspaper in 1931 after it had received critisims for being antiquated. Use this font when you want to be serious and credible and wear it when you want people to really know what you’re talking about!

There are no hard and fast rules and the best font choices are ones where readers do not notice the font, but the message.

Feelings, emotions and associations are made with fonts and the font type you choose for your logo says something about you and your business and can convey your message in a certain light.

How we look makes up a massive 55% of our power of communication, so first impressions are very important. We can use fonts to help create the most effective and relevant first impression for our business. There are no hard and fast rules and a combination of fonts can be used to convey the message that we’re trying to get across to our audience.

Colours too play a huge role, but that’s another topic completely. Read our blog about colours to learn more!