Here at Voyant Design, we’ve worked with companies through each stage of their business growth, so we know what you need. As your business grows, your branding and marketing plans will change – let us support your development.

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Start ups

When you’re starting out in business, professional branding is critical in attracting attention and underpinning your business growth. We’ve worked with start-ups in all industries, helping bring their brand to life.

With a strong focus on colours, fonts, shapes, taglines, tone of voice and the psychological influences relevant to your target audience, we’ll design logos and brand identities which work across your digital and marketing presence.

We can help with logo design, business card design and printing, website design, social media templates and more. Download our guide to our services for start-ups.

Download guide to services for start-ups. 

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Whether you need a full rebrand, have a one-off project or want ongoing support with marketing material designs, we can help. Understanding your business and audience, we’ll create designs that help you reach your goals.

Show off your business personality and help your audience recognise your values with consistent and eye-catching design across all the media and platforms you use.

We can help with rebranding, leaflets, brochures, exhibition graphics, vehicle graphics, social media templates and more.

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Strong brand identity is vital for large organisations to gain and maintain a competitive advantage. We’ve built a solid reputation for helping corporates create brand consistency with designs that reinforce their identity and maintain their image.

However big - and successful - your business, establishing trust and building your reputation depends on being seen, recognised, and engaged with. We can help with that. As a corporate, you’ll have some concerns our other clients may not, including internal communications, sub-brands, and standalone products. We have experience in establishing identities within existing brands, let us help.

We can help with brand guidelines, full rebranding, your corporate identity and more.